Ulysses Torrens Valley Rides

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Torrens Valley Ride Requirements

  1. Ride leader brief riders, where ride is going, where smoko break is going to be & who Tail-end Charlie is. Ride leader. If your destination is not a well-known location. Supply all riders with destination address, and your phone number. If you are meeting up with other riders at smoko. Re brief ride so that everyone knows what is going on and who Tail-end Charlie is.
  2. Corner marshals’ to remain on corners until Tail-end Charlie arrives and flashes you, join just in front of T.E.C. Remember who you are following before you do your corner marshal duty, and when they go past tail end charley should be following them shortly. If they don’t go past something is wrong. Wait on corner until someone arrives.
  3. Tail-end Charlie (T.E.C.) to wear fluoro vest & Flash lights at corner Marshalls. Slow down & let corner marshal join in front of you.
  4. If there is a problem ( break down or accident ) Tail-end Charlie should assess situation and continue where possible as soon as they can.
  5. If a rider has run out fuel leave them to their own devices. They should have started with a full tank of fuel, and they should know the destination if they were listening to the riders brief.
  6. Riders Responsibility: Start with a full tank of fuel. Keep your bike well maintained. Get to the start point before departure time and listen to ride brief from ride leader. HAVE A GOOD TIME.
  7. Only Tail-end Charlie should wear fluoro vest. If you wish to wear fluoro vest when riding you should stay just in front of Tail-end Charlie.
  8. Only Bikes, Spiders, or Trikes to be Tail-end Charlie. If you wish to follow the ride in a car you should follow behind Tail-end Charlie.

Weekend Rides

All weekend riders are requested to read the Torrens Valley Ride Requirements dated 23 June 2015.
Our rides start from various locations, some common starting points are:

Wednesday rides