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Old Mates Remembered by Guzzi Bob

(Dedicated to the memory of our departed Ulysses friends)

A sad part of life is the parting of our ways,
But always we will remember the days
When we rode together and had such fun
With Ulysses on Wednesdays and weekends in the sun
And sometimes in the wind and rain,
Though we’ve come back for more again and again.

Our departed mates ride a road we don’t know,
A road that some day we’ll each have to go,
Beyond all potholes, mud, gravel and cars,
With no speed cameras beyond the stars,
Where aches and pains are a thing of the past
And the rides will be fast and safe at last.

The love of biking is something we’ve shared,
A joy that can hardly be compared,
Yet most of the public just don’t understand
Why we ride our beloved bikes all over this land.
The old mates remembered certainly knew
The joy of riding ‘neath the Aussie skies blue!

So today, though we’re parted and feeling quite sad,
It’s comforting knowing we can also feel glad
We were able to ride together as friends,
As. true blue Ulyssians till the end.
Though each of these good old mates has gone,
In our hearts, with us, they will always ride on.

John (JayDee) Hanlon
Sean Harvey
Phillip "Crazee" Jenkins
Steve Evans
Geoff Warnest
Janet Cullinan
Ron Johnson
Mark Bridgland
Vito Martinello
Gerry Borg
Trevor Nicolle
Jeff Rattew
Peter Millsteed
Spencer Clark
Rudi Spykstra
Marshall Peters
Bob Gabel
Roy Riches
Ross Murray
Ticki Apostolides